The Beach and The Burn

There were many memories of laughter on our honeymoon, one of them was our trip to the beach.

I find it quite fascinating being able to see the curve of the earth and feel the water that may have been halfway around the world some time ago. I thought of what may have swam in that water, sharks? Turtles? Either way it was really fun to spend the day at a peaceful place like the ocean.

I would love in the future to see a sunrise or sunset at the ocean, but we didn’t have that privilege that day. One fun thing we did was building a mini sand fortress!


I love building in the sand. God gave me the mind to build and design things and i love using that to make anything out of everything. As we dug our mote the sun beat down on my bare back (without sunscreen) unbeknown to me.

As we laid sticks across the entrance and seaweed for added flair Rachel grabbed a couple hermit crabs to be the king and queen (i am so blessed with a fun wife!) and we laughed as our day rolled by.

After wading in the cold water for awhile we decided to take a look around at the seaside shops. We found a little airbrush tattoo place where we got matching daisies (mine was black and red so it was manly of course).



So after walking around for awhile, we headed back to the hotel for the hour and a half drive. We arrived safely and we decided to chill out and watch something. But as we were about to sit down Rachel noticed some red on me, which then we took a look and i had a terrible sunburn on my back.

We then commenced to remedy it with an aloe spray which dis help a little bit, but time would be the only long term remedy.

But after all the adventure of fun and a little pain, it was worth it and we had a grand ol’ time.

Thanks for reading!

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