As our week-long honeymoon comes to a close my wife and I find ourselves adjusting to “real” life.

Everything from making coffee to scheduling our weeks together has been an adventure in and of itself! I personally love it. Laughing as we crack (lame) jokes before bed to stressful shopping where we learn to show grace to each other has all been ways Christ has shown us how He loves His church.

Though i understand that we’re only a week into it, but i can still say that I’m beginning to see more of Jesus in our lives because of our marriage. From telling myself as i feel like saying something snippy “is this ‘laying your life down’ for her?” to when its raining: “don’t let her walk in it without the umbrella!” I find myself seeing (though dimly) how Christ loves His bride: the Church.

And as we settle into “normal” life, or at least the new normal, I hope and pray that I lay my life down every moment for her, “for better or for worse”.

And as we become accustomed to our new home i’ll be writing some more hopefully! So stay tuned as the next post will recount our honeymoon!

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