Thoughts From Dever, Mineo, and Keller

As i begin my social media involvement (aka twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc) i find twitter to be rather interesting because of the bite-sized posts which must be summed up short and concisely. So to begin my little social blogging idea iv’e picked 3 quotes from prominent voices in 21st century evangelicalism and i’ll talk about how each quote has been true and applicable (or destructive and heretical) in my life personally.

These 3 gentlemen, John Piper, Mark Dever, and Andy Mineo all hold a somewhat prominent place in my life spiritually, Keller has great sermons that i learn a ton from and devers book “9 marks of a healthy church” has been personally helpful as i read it, and Mineo is one of my favorite rappers, speaking the truth through a somewhat unique art-form: hip-hop.


Kinda funny huh? Just imagine, getting devoured, then spit out? All while being miraculously kept alive? A bit traumatic but kind of an interesting thought. How scary must that have been?! Wondering how long until he would die, wondering if god forsook him? All those things would’ve ran through my mind for sure.

But of course the message got across certainly. Jonah obeyed, and the fish swallowing him was all part of gods sovereign plan for ninevah and Jonah’s heart. Isn’t it encouraging knowing Gods in control even in the craziest of circumstances? He works on is in the most stressful of times.


This one reminds me of the verse in hebrews that says “we do not have a high priest that cannot sympathize with us”. I find it so encouraging knowing Christ went through the same that we do, but to a greater (and more painful) extent. He cares through the pain because He’s been through it and understands perfectly-maybe even more so, then we do. So take heart knowing he knows and understand you.


With the craziness of various religious practices of “holy prayers” or “holy icons” makes everything very complicated. Unbiblically so. Spiritual growth is certainly not complicated, but its very costly.

The simplicity of growth: staying in the Bible, prayer, and accountability, etc seems simple at face value, and it is to an extent, but the cost is great.

The cost is putting ourselves in the grave. Our fleshly desires that wage war in our mind and hearts and bodies. The cost of laying our hearts out to Christ is truly a great cost, after all, no one wants that kind of exposing of the soul, but thats what we’re asked for. Complete and utter dependance.

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