An Update On My Life

So. 25 more days until marriage. Kinda crazy, right?

After many a week going through pre-marital counseling, listening to sermons, and reading books, I can confidently say that even I think I know something about marriage, but from what I’ve heard you can’t really know much (practically speaking) until you get there.

But that’s alright with me.

Anyways, in these past weeks I’ve been doing a few things:

  1. Work-searching
  2. Wedding Planning
  3. Personal projects

I’ve been blessed to have work at a local farm down my road doing things like maple tapping, checking fence, etc. (farm stuff). I’ve generally enjoyed it (though I’m not much for farming) but I still find the skills very helpful and it’s good to learn how to work hard anyways, right?

So as I’ve looked around for work my Dad and I have decided to start a property management business (odd jobs, landscaping, etc.). I’m sure for now it will be part-time but the pay will be good and I have other jobs to fill in with anyways. Also, I applied at my local hardware (yeah, talk about a lot of part-time jobs!) and got the job instantly I’m sure mostly to do with my Pastor’s recommendation which I’m so grateful for. I’m actually starting work today at 12:30 learning to store and being trained to mix paint, cut keys and the like. Pray it goes well and business stays steady!

So amidst all the job searching and crunching part-time work together has been wedding planning. It’s been a bit crazy but good! This morning we met with pastor and his wife to discuss the order of ceremony and what we want. It’s all coming together! We only need a suit to be reserved by one of the groomsmen and some lyrics and Bible verses we like to be given to pastor for the bulletin. Other then that, it seems to be going quite smoothly!

And in the middle of work and planning and visiting my fiance’ and her family has been my own personal time. I’ve been trying to continue to work on projects like my music, (Click here for one of my songs!) which has been a personal passion for a longIMG_4754 time. I’m currently mixing a new song, which has to do with trusting Christ to get you through the times when you don’t “feel” that much passion for Him, trusting Him to give you the strength to persevere and love Him.

Other than music I also need to do things like personal hygiene (yesterday I took a shower, changed, ate dinner, and made myself some lemonade in 10 minutes, a record for me!) which I’ve had to make time for because of my busy schedule, which has never been a problem before. But hey, gotta smell and look nice, right? I still need to give myself a haircut, so I have to find time for that. Anyways, you get the picture, it’s crazy!

In other personal news I’m thinking of personal business ideas. I’ve been inspired by one of my favorite Christian Youtubers and authors (Jefferson Bethke) to make pipe-desks. He had a photo of one on his Facebook feed and I loved it! So I’m going to try my hand at making some, and maybe a shelf or two.

And in it all I’ve been listening to TONS of sermons (maybe 15+ hours a week or more) and reading my IMG_4756books at night. (pictured) It’s crazy how little time I have now and how much I did. I don’t regret my business, I welcome it! It’s taught me to “make the most of the time” and to use every minute and second wisely. It’s also shown me my need to rely on Christ every second. I’m tired much more and haven’t realized how easy it is to feel overwhelmed until this point in life.

But I don’t have to let life get all up in my business, when I trust in Christ for my love, security, and hope, life goes so much smoother and I’m so much more at peace.

So pray for me in this crazy stage of life!

Thanks for reading!


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