Young, Restless, And Still Reformed

“Still” really wouldn’t be a very validating word for some, as I’m (only) 18 and haven’t weathered nearly as much spiritual disarray doctrinally as many have. Though in my few years of more intense study (Bible study, sermons, lectures, etc.) I’ve struggled through a lot of hot topics in the present day church (i.e. election, perseverance of the saints, etc.) and I know of many individuals who fall on different sides of the issues with whom I’ve had civil disagreements with.

As much as disagreeing is hard at times (I don’t particularly enjoy offending people) it is very much necessary to study our Bibles for what it says and come to the conclusion of what the writer intended it to mean (after all, if God says something, we pay attention!)

And as someone who has read and heard people like MacArthur, Piper, Driscoll, Chandler,
etc. I’m fully convinced of things like the 5 points of Calvinism to be fully scriptural. (though I would certainly disagree with how CalIMG_4756vin did some things)

Before the onslaught of assumptions about the 5 points, just remember that many of those who have come to this conclusion (including myself) have come to it honestly, looking at passages such as Romans 9 and many others as validation for many doctrines we hold fast to.

Being 18 it’s hard to see where I’ll be in 10 years, I’m sure God will preserve me to want Him more than today, but I still find it nostalgic (if that’s the right word) to think of the future and how God will change and use me for His glory. And that ties into doctrine. My life will reflect what I believe and who I believe is in control.

And that’s really the point for me. As I read books like The Explicit Gospel, Five Points, and Desiring God, (not to mention the Bible!) I find that these controversial issues make sense of life, of other tough passages, and they bring about a deeply rooted joy that God is in full control of His creation and that we are not. It can be a humbling thing to realize, but it’s so true.

God is really teaching me humility in this season of life, and when I try to take control, He always reminds me of how much of a fool of a god I make for myself.

I’m a bad leader of my heart, so all I can do is turn to the only perfect leader: Jesus.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate every view and “like”!

One thought on “Young, Restless, And Still Reformed

  1. I just started reading the Bible annually. My wife is the deep thinker. I just read it looking for the main points.

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