An Analysis Of John 6

What I find very intriguing about this chapter of the Bible is the way Jesus both speaks and handles things. After all, He’s perfect and therefore handles things perfectly.

What fascinated me first was what Jesus asked Philip. The people had gathered (about 5000 men, which means many more women and children also) and they were growing quite hungry. The timing of the day probably didn’t help, as they would be walking home wanting food. So Jesus asks Philip about the food they have. He answers saying they don’t have the financial resources, which of course Jesus already knew.

Which gets me to the next thought. It says: “He said this to test him, for he himself knew what he would do.” Which is quite interesting in of itself. Christ knew what He was going to do (feed everyone) and yet He asked Philip what they were going to do!

The sovereignty of Christ shines through in this. He’s in control. Even with a crazy crowd He takes care of the situation by “perceiving” what they wanted to do to Him (whether by divine intellect and/or perfect intuition) and withdraws before being forced to be King.

What intrigues me most is what happens next: Questions are raised and they want even more signs! The way Christ handles it is both insightful and fascinating (with a pinch of provocative).

So until the next post you’ll have to read up on it yourself! Leave a comment about what you think of these passages. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “An Analysis Of John 6

  1. When Jesus asks a question, He already knows the correct answer, but He wants us to verbalize what we think, so it is for our development. Poorly worded, but I think you know what I mean

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