It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Many things in life just don’t make sense to me.

From the minuscule atomic structure of the universe to the way trigonometry works, many things just don’t make sense.

But nothing makes less sense then someone who reads something into the Bible rather than letting it speak for itself. Let me explain.

I’ve been listening to podcasts almost every day which have been giving an analysis of the “religious” world (mostly in the liberal christian realm) and those associated with it. But I must say – you can really mess with the Bible if you put your mind to it!

I’m not talking little disagreements on what a certain verse means. I’m talking whole doctrines turned upside-down just because of the way you read into the text. I’m not looking to start a debate here, but I’m quite intrigued by the vigor some put into reading into the text.

Let’s just say how you read the Bible matters.

I have some very ill feelings behind this “relativistic” view of the Bible. The group that thinks that you can “pick and choose” what you like about the Bible and then scrap the rest really makes no sense to me. Oh, and the things you don’t like? Just read into it until you find an interpretation that works with your own custom-tailored heresy!

We never do this with our books, medical journals, and the like. We read them for what they say, for what the author intended. When a diagnosis says: “you need to rest to heal faster when you have a fever.” you don’t say: “well, I guess it could mean I don’t have to rest if I really don’t want to?”.

No. We never do this. Unless you’re in denial of your sickness of course, which doesn’t really help your case anyways.

We read things how the author intended. We trust that the author is telling us the truth, and we read what they’ve previously said and after in order to get the context. Works with everything we read: Road signs, Menu’s, Facebook posts, etc.

It seems the only real problem is when God says something you don’t like. Then you have to read your own ideas into it and make it mean something different.

That makes no sense to me.

When reading the Bible, we read it for what the author intended, not for what we want it to intend. That’s interpretation 101.

If you can make the Bible mean what you want, then what credibility does it really have left?

Thanks for reading! Make sure to E-mail any questions to which I’ll answer in an upcoming post!

One thought on “It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. I have been reading the Bible annually since 1965—not a deep study–I just look for the main obvious strategies for living. I am shallow, but just reading it works for me.

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