“Where’d You Hear That…?”  “Counseling”

You might recognize that quote from the popular (and rather good) movie “Fireproof”. As I wear my BCT (NANC) conference name-tag that movie quote popped into my head. I was reminded of the value of counseling and how critical it is. Though my Fiance’ and I are doing pre-marital counseling, I can see how everyone could be encouraged by it in every area of life.

As it was made very clear by the pastors and teachers of Faith Church, The Bible is one big counseling book from God. Though not meant to be a “do this, do that” kind of book (though there are those), but rather it was written in order to get to the heart of the human condition rather than just sprinkling moralism onto it.

So by that analysis, The Bible is quite “counseling-oriented” and gives vast amounts of help to our depraved hearts.

Going back to the beginning we see the origin of sin and the fall (Genesis 3). There we find God asking very piercing questions to Adam and Eve in verses 9-13. The questions that were posed are quite interesting. Take note that God already knew everything that happened (and knew before it happened) and yet still asked questions. He went right ahead and asked: “why?”.

God lets them see their sin by asking questions. Though they knew they had sinned, God was clearly convicting them of their motives and hearts. If He wanted them to just “stop doing bad and start doing good” then don’t you think it wouldn’t have gone down like this? Clearly, God is after our hearts, not outward actions.

The point is, Biblical counseling has been around from the very beginning and has continued for thousands of years through preachers, teachers, and laypeople as well.

Christ is also referred to as “Wonderful Counselor” in Isaiah 9:6. And just reading The Bible gives incredible counsel on all things pertaining to “life and godliness” as a whole.

Don’t believe me? Here are some examples:
-Romans gives us clear doctrinal teaching on many critical issues.
-Proverbs gives us very important life-lessons on a more practical level.
-Genesis gives us the historical account on lifes origins and how sin entered the world.

Though the Bible as a whole is perfect and helpful for all things, this is just a short list. But the point is very clear that the Scriptures contain countless areas that it speaks very clearly on.

So what does good doctrine, life tips, and history have to do with Biblical counseling? Everything! Without the Word of God we have nothing. Literally.

Without scriptural guidance what do you do with a couple struggling in their marriage? What council do you give a grieving widow? How do you instruct a young adult to grow in godliness? Do you say “just try loving yourself more” following the advice of modern psychology? Or do you point them to the Bible, showing them where God has spoken?

You see that as a Christian, giving counsel from a Biblical perspective is critical to your ministry in life (meaning your day-to-day living). When a friend asks for your thoughts on a certain passage will you have the basic understanding of what the Bible teaches? And if you don’t, will you have the humility to say “I don’t know” and do your own study?

Now I fully understand we never have all the answers. I by no means intend for everyone to know everything. Or even for every Christian to agree on everything.

My point is: Without a Biblical worldview what else do you have as a Believer?

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