Wrong Is The New Right!

Let me explain.

“The sun is a block of ice.

Don’t believe me? I very sincerely believe this. And you should accept my truth as the truth, or at least don’t bother me about it. Because after all, wouldn’t it be mean to tell me I’m “wrong”? (I said the ‘w’ word!)”

I put that in quotations because it isn’t true. The sun isn’t a block of ice, the world isn’t flat, and not everyone is right. There are many who believe things that are wrong.

In today’s day we don’t see many people approving of disapproval. They essentially: “disapprove disapproval” and many believe this to be good and right.

Let me qualify that for a moment. The world as we know it has many pluralistic, all-inclusive leanings, which according to John 15:18 makes a lot of sense, Christ claimed to be the only way, so naturally people will have a problem. What I mean is that the america at large (at least most of it) tends to believe that everyone can make their own truth, and no one should say that they’re “wrong”. (ah! I said it again!)

What doesn’t make any sense about this philosophical standing is that it just doesn’t work. The fact that you claim something doesn’t make it true. (refer to my first illustration) And likewise claiming that there is no truth is a truth claim in of itself, make sense?

Good. Because without a standard, nothing does.

What’s really been on my heart is the illogical assumption that anyone “choosing the religion that works for them” makes that religion true. It’s like saying the sun is both an ice-cube and a raging-hot inferno at the same time. It just doesn’t work.

Back to Christ. He made very clear His claim of exclusivity and leaves no room for cheap knock-offs. And yes I’m saying that according to the Bible (or, God) other religions that don’t represent a clear, biblical exegesis (aka: none of them) are then clearly false based on Christs words.

It’s very harsh to many people to say that, but I only write in love. If Christ is the only way then it would be unkind indeed to passively not tell others they’re being led astray. There can’t be two truths.

Anyways, just some thoughts. Thank you so much for reading! If there’s a topic you want me to discuss (literally anything!) then leave a comment or email me via “contact“, Thanks!




3 thoughts on “Wrong Is The New Right!

  1. It is true—the Bible makes it very clear that there is only one way to heaven—Jesus Christ.

    Some nations only allow one religion as you know.

    Freedom of choice still carries heavy responsibilities and consequences. it is actually scary.

    We do learn to be polite, but i guess we can be too polite. My wife is a zealous soul winner–every one she meets is a candidate for the Gospel. She complains about having no friends. lol However, I quit counting at 200 as to the number of people she lead to the Lord. Are we sure they all meant it? No. lol She just does the bests she can and many respond positively. Many get upset and try to ignore her.

    1. Thats very encouraging to hear! As Paul said in ephesians 4:15 we must “speak the truth in love” never compromising biblical truth, but always being kind, it’s encouraging to hear that!

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