New Names and Dead Thoughts

I recently (on tuesday) re-named this blog to a much shorter (and sweeter) title. It encompasses who I am in a nutshell, a slave to Christ encapsulated in this sinful man who desperately needs grace just like anyone else. Or just a “freak”.

I’m a bit pressed for time today so I won’t be doing my usual Theological post, though I’m well aware any post about anything is “theological” in nature no matter which way you look at it. Why? Because what you believe about God’s existence (or lack thereof) dictates everything about you. (so every statement at the core is “theological”)

For instance, a Biblical Christian has God’s word to guide and instruct them and an Athiest has their brain synapses that they put all their trust in. 

So we’re all growing Theologians. Though many will be (and are) very bad Theologians their are still very good ones left in this here world. Although the more well-known good ones are well into their 50-70 years old range. So that means they’ll be dead by the time someone like me reaches the “middle” of my life.

As Pastors and Theologians of yesteryear have passed and left our minds better renewed then before, so we will leave a legacy of some sort. Most likely not at such a large scale as someone like Spurgeon, Edwards, or C.S. Lewis but our children and their children will remember us in one way or another, either for good or bad. 

I ponder the thought of some past names that have died who have left a legacy of heresies and bad doctrine and it always reminds me that I will give account for every word when I die.

So will I have studied the scriptures to see if what I say and do are grounded? Will I trust that how I live is rested in Christ and His authority alone? Or will I do the easy thing and be lazy just drifting along content being a “baby” Christian and content leaving others that way?

One thought on “New Names and Dead Thoughts

  1. I am clearly a carnal Christian. It isn’t that I have not read the Bible annually and served. I have many fine Christians dissociated themselves from me which is Biblical. No hard feelings.

    I think you are write–how we write, live and talk displays our relationship to the true and living God who created the universe.

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