Welcome To Life

Or at least the beginning of it.

As many know, I’m 18 and by cultural standards: “poor”. I have all that I need but as for not having a full-time job at the moment I would be labeled as such and discredited as possibly irresponsible.

Now, as much as it’s tempting to sit back, relax, and watch life roll by I was convicted heavily by a quote as I worked my part-time job for my parents this morning.

“If Christ came back 5 years from now, what are you planning to be doing in these next 5 years?”
~Steve Viars

That hit me hard. The reason being is that I’ve been having the wrong mindset about life’s challenges (like say, a job) as me selling myself as a slave. Being forced into working a job where someone else tells me what to do when to do it and how to do it. And I was confronted with this attitude in the form of a sermon.

Pastor Viars gave many stark examples of those who have trusted Christ’s provision in their lives. Some (even through losing every material thing) were still whole through it all. I was deeply confronted by this.

As I listened intently to the means by which Holy Spirit was prompting me towards repentance I silently reminded myself of the work God’s already done. He’s gotten me this far, what makes me think He’ll fail me now?

I understand I’m called to work hard and seek opportunities, but by whose strength? In whose power? In mine? That’s a recipe for disaster. And that’s the exact recipe I’ve been cooking in my pot of selfishness while leaving the exact ingredient I’ve been needing on the shelf. I’ve been adding dirty flour and spoiled eggs into my life while Christ sits there ready to give me the strength I need for another day all the while providing me with just enough energy to reject His help.

I’ll never understand those who say we’re “good” people. Apart from Christ we can do “nothing“.

So back to the original quote. What are we doing these next 5 years? Are we just scrounging for the next day or are we living for Christ, resting in Him for our hope and strength? Could I honestly say to Christ, right to His face, that I didn’t waste these years ahead of me? Did I work hard in His strength seeking Him above all else, or did I spend it worrying about tomorrow in my own weak human strength?

It comes down this:

Am I Christ’s slave?

No one can serve two masters.


Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Welcome To Life

  1. I am 80! I still think about this. What am I going to do for Christ with the time I have left? it is the right question.

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