The Sacred and Secular Divide

 “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.”
~1st John 2:15

I was told this past week that something (pertaining to some upcoming event and it’s later implications) was “of the world” and they continued to say that we’re going the “way of the world” what does that really mean: “The world”?

After all, we love our family, we love our jobs (some of us), and if we make the definition as “anything in the world” then that would mean loving anything here on earth is evil, right?

Context my friends.

Before I move on let me make a slight disclaimer saying that I am deeply aware of the convictions of the people in question, and I would calmly disagree with them, having a plethora of Biblical reasons. So basically I am thoroughly convinced Biblically that what we were talking about was in no ways unbiblical in any sense. If you’re curious of what it was we were discussing you can message me through my blogs Facebook Page.

Anyhow, lets get back down to earth. Or rather, the world.

Firstly, where do we find the beginning? In Genesis. If you look in verse 1 you’ll find that God created the world and everything in it. So as for those who say that loving “the world” (in the sense of appreciating the world) is evil take a look further along in verse 31 where God calls everything “very good”.

The world exists and yet (though I understand it is without sin at this point) it is still “very good”. Then later on sin enters the picture and things go bad. Adam and Eve leave the garden and life gets hard. But we still see many times where God is being glorified through people’s earthly skills, boring jobs, and anything non-“churchy”. After all, Jesus was a carpenter for awhile, so doing a blue-collar job making money is still a way to glorify God!

It’s all about the heart.

When we love “The world” in the sense of things that God clearly has off limits in the Bible or when we love good things too much that they become “god things” we sin. Plain and simple.

The thing I don’t fully understand is this “seclusion mindset” where Christians only think that God is only glorified when we’re at Church singing Chris Tomlin. (I do like his music by the way) We seclude ourselves from the rest of the world thinking we’re being holy and all we’re doing is wasting our precious God-given time and gifts.

We call this the “sacred secular divide”. Jefferson Bethke talks very wisely on this in his video (click here) where he makes clear how Biblically, “secular” things (like music, jobs, events) if they’re “true” then they can glorify God. God has a monopoly on all truth so truth written by an Athiest is still originated in Christ because it’s true.

Just remember things promoting sin are obviously off the table because God prohibits them, so I’m not saying go and sin. By no means.

The gist of this whole post is that we can glorify God more by having a great godly attitude working a job doing boring things then we can having a rotten attitude singing from a shallow heart in Church.

God wants our hearts. And when He has them, then we start glorifying God not just in ministry (though very important!) but with everything in our lives.

Thanks for reading!

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