If You’re Praying, Why Are You Worrying?

Makes sense, doesn’t it? But it’s so very complicated also.

There’s a record I’ve been listening to quite a bit lately. It’s by Brandon Heath titled “Blue Mountain”. I’ve found I like the southern-rock sound these days (think Needtobreathe) with some rock chords with a hint of twang while keeping a passionate heart-felt chorus and IMG_4483verse with a powerful bridge.

There was a specific line in the song “Hands of the Healer” where he penned:

“If we’re gonna pray about it
There’s no use in worrying
If we’re gonna worry about it
Why are we praying?”

I love lyrics that are both artistic but get a Biblical truth across. Where do we find this? Jesus says in Matthew 6:25:

 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?”

Kinda sums it up when you read further, doesn’t it? He goes on to tell all about not worrying about tomorrow, because it will have it’s time.

So what’s the use of worrying when we have a glorious God who promises to take care of us? He is the provider of all that we need, so anything that isn’t given He has determined to not give us. So why are we worrying?

The answer? Because we don’t trust Him. Plain and simple.

Sometimes It makes no sense why I worry about little things. As I was listening to Brandon Heath and driving to my Fiance’s to finish up some counseling homework I looked over at the mountains and at that time (around 6pm) the light was shining off them quite beautifully. And I thought to myself… “What a wonderful wo-” (no, not that)IMG_4476 (2)

I was thinking: “if I’m in such awe of the way the light strikes the snow-capped mountains, then how much more glorious must Christ be to create such a wonder.”

And in that moment, the appreciation of the beauty of the mountains didn’t collapse in on itself, but the mountains pointed to someone so much more precious that would create such a thing. Namely, Jesus Christ.

So as I think about how much I worry vainly for so many things, I’m reminded that when I’m worrying, I’m not praying. And when I pray, I need to trust that Christ will take care of me. If He took the time to create the science to make the rays of light shine so amazingly off a massive mountain, I’m sure He has the power to provide for my needs and for yours also.

Thanks for reading!

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