A Sobering Hospital Visit…

These past few days (and week!) have been interesting to say the least. Last tuesday I was working particularly hard on applying for college. Yep, finally decided to do it! I’m applying to Boyce College and will (hopefully) get accepted for the fall semester, be prayingIMG_4305 for that! I may write more about what I’m studying some other time, but as for right now I’m gonna talk of these past few days. Because a lot has happened and I’ve been very sobered by some things.

It was just another ordinary Sunday, except perhaps that the youth worship team was playing. (from left to right: Me, Isaac, Isaiah, John (Rachel’s Dad), and Rachel (My girlfriend)) On any other Sunday it would be Steve playing the piano. Steve being our resident go-to musician. He’s an older gentlemen, married with a couple grown children, very soft-spoken but very passionate about Christ, using song as a way to glorify Him. He leads our worship almost every Sunday speaking of Christ before each song and explaining what way each song really spoke the truth about Christ, and how it’s encouraged him too.

But he wasn’t there this Sunday. He suffered a stroke about a week ago and is currently in critical care at Dartmouth. This post isn’t going to be particularly happy, but I think as Christians we need some time to sober up (in a spiritual sense) and realize life is so much bigger than us. That truth hit me smack in the face as i walked into where his hospital bed was. As Pastor was praying for ways to help Steve prayer-wise (getting no ideas) one member who is close to Steve proposed the idea of an around the clock prayer schedule, one person praying at a certain time of the day or night. The list filled up rapidly after Church. So encouraging!

So anyways I’m getting ahead of myself. After Church as Rachel and I IMG_4287were sitting in the back of the Church just enjoying the quiet of upstairs as Pastor spoke with a couple of people quietly. (pictured) After, he came over and asked our Biblical opinion on his message, which I thought was good, getting the truth about prayer across quite well. He was then asked about visiting the Hospital by an elder in our Church and his wife, who had walked in to where we were. Long story short Pastor and his wife, and a few others (myself included) were going to be able to visit the hospital the next morning. So, fast forwarding.

We arrived at pastors house to head out to Dartmouth at around 8am monday morning, and after a few hours of traveling we arrived. The hospital was actually quite beautiful, if you can call it that. The architecture very pleasing to the eye and the air not smelling too much like a hospital and the windows letting quite a bit of light in. We proceeded down the hall as directed by the front desk and went up a couple of floors in the elevator. We then walked the short distance to the waiting room for Steve’s wife, Pati. Hugs went all around as we spoke to her and talked about how Steve was doing and how she’s handling it all, and it’s so amazing seeing Christ strengthen someone that much. She loves her husband and he’s in critical care and she’s still trusting Christ, whichever wayIMG_4295 Christ chooses him to go whether healing physically or spiritually. That part really got me. It just moved me. Someone who you’ve been married to for decades is in deep need and She’s thanking Christ for His provision through it all (though it hasn’t been easy).

Makes you really re-think your whole outlook on life. As I looked across from one of the smaller waiting-rooms at the larger area of it I was really thinking about everything, my life, my heart, and why I’m so selfish. I know it’s my sin-sick heart, but it still seems so crazy that I worry about the littlest things while Pati’s trusting Christ even through all this. My heart was and still is very heavy from this.

And then I went to see Him.

It was hard to say the least. From seeing him playing the piano and singing every Sunday to seeing him lying there with tubes in him and monitors everywhere. He can’t talk right now, and he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, but he was able to hear a little while ago, but not sure if he could then. Rachel and I went in for a moment, prayed for him at his bedside, and then left. It was tough.

Ever take a second to realize what such a selfish, ungrateful person you’ve been? I worry and stress over whether I’ll have enough money for a car while many are suffering far worse than I may ever will. It’s a sobering thought. I can’t exactly say anything profound to “wow” you and move you, but just know that these kind of visits can change you and move you very deeply. Perspective can shift so radically.

Anyways, after we visited with Pati for a little bit longer, we headed back out. Hearts heavy, but hoping that maybe Steve will pull through somehow. So we drove home, had a great time of fellowship at a little truck-stop diner, and arrived safely back to our homes.

So be praying for Steve and his wife, I hope he has a speedy recovery, but only God knows what will happen. But we do know it’s all in Christ’s hands.

Thanks for reading!


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