A Summation Of A Great Trip (Conference Update #3)

I’d like to personally apologize for last Thursday’s rather lazy post. If you had seen me and how tired i was i’m sure you’d understand! But I hope today I can make up for lost ground. So… Where were we? Oh yes, I was at the conference. So, to continue!
The conference consisted of way over a dozen speakers, around 6 of them speaking per day (some multiple times). They covered IMG_4127topics like depression, marriage, parenting, sanctification, anger, guilt, and many more. It was basically like a college lecture setting, with my group and I sitting in a simulcast room seating around 80+ with the 600+ others in the other room listening to the live lectures.

The way the conference was set up was in tracks. My group and I were in track 1 along with hundreds of others, as you can see to your right (if you’re not on a phone) is our schedule for the first few days (the rest on the back of it). There are a total of 6 tracks, 1 being the most broad, and 6 being much more focused. That way you can go for 6 years straight and still get new teaching!

Anyways i’d usually wake up at 6am, get ready (i usually took a shower the night before) head downstairs, make a waffle at the breakfast area in the hotel, and sit down and enjoy my food while either reading the bible, or just sitting down and praying while I ate. Those mornings really set the tone for the day, as I’m not a morning person, so i had to get my attitude right to face the day.

IMG_4121So at 7:15 we would head out for the 5 minute drive to Faith Church, where the conference was held (pictured left). The Church had a very welcoming feel to it, people were nice, the church was big, but very well-built and very aesthetically pleasing. I felt very comfortable and at-home there (which is quite rare for me!).

So our sessions were done in the simulcast room IMG_4205(pictured right) where we and 80 or so others would listen intently to our speakers. My personal favorite speaker was the lead-pastor of Faith Church, Steve Viars. He’s written with authors like James MacDonald and is a very interesting, convicting, and engaging speaker.

So after 5 days of amazing lectures, awesome times with friends, disgusting fast food, my brain and heart are filled  to the brim. It was so encouraging being shown so much of the Bible and how it all applies to our lives. I learned how marriages thrive when Christ is put before the marriage, how we should never assume we know what someone is going through, and very importantly, how to listen! We all need someone to listen, whether that be a spouse, friend, or coworker, etc.
(Pictured left is the church’s bookstore lounge)

IMG_4145  So after the 20 hour drive home, I went home, crashed for a few hours, then  went to my brothers play at his college later in the evening, tired as i already was but feeling very filled from the conference. After the show (which he did quite amazingly in) we went home, and I went to bed, so tired from the week. The next morning at Church my Pastor asked me and my girlfriend to speak to the congregation about our experiences at the conference. It was a bit nerve-wracking, but i think it went well! We got what we wanted to say across I think.

The basic point I made was that as the church we’re ALL growing theologians, we’re either growing to be good ones, or bad ones. We’re always living out our theology, but sometimes it’s lived out very badly.
Same thing for counseling, every person we’re talking to we’re either leaving better or worse off from talking with us. So how can we take these biblical principles and learn good solid theology and good counseling for the glory of God? So I hope anyone reading this makes a point to study the Bible and make sure what you’re preaching is actually in it! Speak the truth in love.

Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions message me in the “contact me” section of my blog!

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