The Hotel Conference Life (Conference Update #1)

I’m sitting this fine tuesday night in a Quality Inn in Lafayette, Indiana where me and a few other people (with two of the guys and I sharing a room) are staying for the conference that has been much-anticipated (you would know this if you read up a little, but no worries, i’ll fill ya in). And I just thought it would be good to still update you all even though i’m away, just cuz I love this writing stuff. Especially when I know someone finds it interesting!

Where i am is at “BCT Conference” its a discipleship conference that deals with so many topics. But all learning to counsel people biblically to trust christ with their issues to grow and do practical things to help grow also. But ill explain more of that in later posts.

So Saturday morning I woke up at around 4:30am to take the 20-minute drive over to the church where we would be departing from. I arrived, got all my stuff into the van, consolidated most of the stuff, then headed out.
(Oh, and i’m writing this on an iPod, so it may not look like a normal post structure).

Anyways, from New England to Indiana is quite the drive!


Though thats probably not the exact route, but it still speaks the well felt truth. 17 hours. Yep, it was quite the drive. And our fearless leader (the driver and a local leader) drove that whole way never sleeping. Luckily he has a wife to keep him awake. So it was long, crazy and fun, but its nothing compared to where we were at right now.

Where we arrived was “Faith Church” (i’ll hopefully have a link to it in a post once i’m home) is a local lafayette church that has an incredible prominence in the community proclaiming the hope and forgiveness of Christ in both relevant, but never compromising biblical truth for the sake of entertaining people. The pastor, Steve Viars (i’ll correct that if im wrong) has an incredible passion for proclaiming Gods word clearly and effectively, but also convictingly. He preaches straight up gospel truth with no intention of entertaining or sugarcoating Christs message, which naturally makes me like him a ton!
Though I can’t explain everything, you can find out more about the Church if you click here.





So that next sunday morning (after a lovely few hours of sleep) we went to Faith for Church and the message was very good! (Auditorium pictured above). The message was all about a Biblical view of help and support for the poor, it was both convicting and interesting.
Later we began the intro lecture where he covered the basics of “why biblical counseling?”. Like the reason why we believe its biblical.
But, if you didn’t notice on the trip route picture, it’s late and i beed sleep! I’ll continue where i left off on thursday, but i’ll leave you with this quote:

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Many more of what I’ve been up to and what I’m learning to be continued, or you can tune in just for some nugget quotes, whatever works.
Anyways thanks for reading!

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