Seek Christ’s Approval. Not Man’s.

I live for people more than I should. Most of the time I don’t realize it, but I suck all of the energy I can out of the people in my life hoping it will give me some sort of lasting effect on me. But in almost all cases, I end up in the “consumer mentality” where I take but IMG_4079don’t give, get fed but never bring anything to the table. And this is a problem.

As I’ve been reading most recently in “Beyond Boundaries” Dr. Townsend makes very clear that relationships (Friends, Family, Etc.) are very big parts of our lives that God uses in huge ways for His Glory. The disconnect is when we end up finding the basis of our hope, joy, etc. in the people in our lives which ends up sucking the life out of other people, rather than building them up (and leaves us no better off either!).

My point is that when we start to leech off other people with a consumer mindset, bad things happen. I certainly know this in my own life. I can get so wrapped up in people and places and things that I start to eat, breath, and live them! I try to find my approval in them but it’s never been a healthy way to live. I always end up discontent with them in one way or another. So what’s someone like me to do? Find my approval in Christ. Not man.
As the quote I heard from Ed Welch goes:

“Includes being afraid of someone, but it extends to holding someone in awe, being controlled or mastered by people, worshiping other people, putting your trust in people, or needing people… The fear of man can be summarized this way: we replace God with people. Instead of a Biblically guided fear of the Lord, we fear others…When we are in our teens, it is called “peer pressure.” When we are older, it is called “people-pleasing.” Recently, it has been called “codependency.”

There’s a lot there. Being afraid, idealizing someone, being controlled, worshiping, etc.
We Replace God with people. It’s that simple.

Galatians 1:10 (pictured above) makes it clear that when we’re solely looking on people for our 1459845_10151915885710222_1720470717_napproval, then we’re not Christ’s servants. We’re not serving Him with all that we are.
So being irrationally afraid of someone, finding our approval with whatever that special someone says, “bowing” before our bosses, worshiping our friends, all shows that there’s a need that you’re not meeting. Namely, fellowship with Christ.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy your friends, I’m not saying you can’t work hard, quite the opposite! I’m saying we need to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you (Note: Not money, health, or wealth. Just sayin’).

So seek Christ first in all that we do, seek Christ in friendships, family, dating, etc. and with much prayer and focus on Christ, you and I can find a balance in our lives that’s most satisfying.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment letting me know your thoughts!

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