Some Exciting New Additions To My Schedule

So. (I always seem to start these off with that…) Big news. I (and a few of my friends) will be traveling 17 hours to Indiana to be trained in Biblical Discipleship (Link here) at this great conference called “NANC”


(still not sure what the letters represent). What it will basically entail are a series of messages on many different topics such as:


  • Key elements of biblical counseling
  • What makes biblical counseling biblical
  • Comparison of counseling philosophies
  • Depression
  • Marriage
  • Etc.

This should be a very growing experience! I’m so excited to be going. I’ll be sure to post updates on what I’ve been learning through the week and what God’s challenging me with! So stay tuned for more.

Another new thing that deserves a mention is that a very well-known artist (namely, KJ-52) has an up-coming concert on the 31st! (3 days!)
So that should be fun. I recently bought his newest album, “Dangerous” and really enjoy it. My favorite song off it being, well.. “Dangerous”. Anyways I’m pretty excited because many non-believers will probably come out to see it which is always1511587_10152116402604197_701113243_n encouraging. It should be a fun night!

Anyways.. I’ve been really enjoying going through 1st John on here. I’ve read the book many many times and have found it very helpful both for Theological and practical reasons! After all, 2nd Tim 3:16.
One thing that’s stood out for me is the candid that John uses in it. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, He calls false teachers what they are. False teachers. He also points out that real Christians are made to walk in the light, not the darkness. I’ve been having some very close and personal run-ins with people who have slowly let their hearts drift away from obedience to Christ and His Word, it’s very painful to see happen, especially when they’re so close to you. It always raises so many questions of “Why” and “Did they ever know you?”. But all I (and we) can do is continue praying and speaking Biblical truth into their lives. Knowing that God is the one who “gives the increase” (1st Cor 3:6-8).
Honestly, knowing God’s in control has been the only thing not making me go crazy, I’m sure we’ve all felt like so many things (people, work, etc.) are just unraveling before our eyes, but as an encouragement to both you and me I remember what Christ said:

“In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”
~John 16:33

So just remember, Christ has every situation in his control and power. So pray, and seek Christ during hard times, knowing that He is faithful and that He knows best.

Thanks so much for reading!

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