That Awkward Point Between 18 And “Real Life”

So I’m back from my little trip to MA for work, and it was alright, I honestly didn’t really enjoy the work that much, but I certainly needed the money! You know that feeling of being “home” and life kinda just slowly trickles back to the way things were? The same routines, the same people, the same everything? Well that’s about how I feel right now.

Life seems… I don’t know… Awkward? Not in a bad sense, just kinda at a point in my life where I’ll be choosing where I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing (whether it be for work, college, intern, or something similar). And it’s kinda hard to decide.
A part of me wants to just go to college and “figure things out” there, but that involves debt. Another part of me wants to intern IMG_3972somewhere (a ministry or something) where some expenses will be supplied and I can still cultivate the things I’ll need for “real” life and my potential career.

So I’m kind of at a stale-mate nothing’s moving forward, but I’m not letting things slip backwards either. No definite decisions have been made (yet).

In a magazine by Answers In Genesis, (a ministry I wholeheartedly support, picture to the right) “Answers” magazine has advertised many colleges that have been somewhat appealing to me. I’ll be subsequently looking into some just for some ideas, and I’m curious about any ministry for internship where I can do some hands-on work where I’ll learn what it takes to be an adult.

Honestly, trusting through this in-between point in life is tough. I’m the type to not trust anything very easily which in-turn makes me worry about every little detail. So trusting Christ and knowing that he has a plan for me has been tough. But I know that he’ll guide me, and he’ll work it together for good, whether I like the outcome or not.

IMG_3974  Another thing I’ve realized that during dead time, I have to keep myself busy. Playing my music, writing more, studying the Bible, making music, listening to good music (left), and staying busy with creative things. Because I know that if I’m complacent with my life now, then it won’t help anything in the future. Lack of hard work in the simple things of life makes the big things so much harder.

So just to keep myself busy, I’ve decided to make a list. I’ve decided to do some creative product ideas for my parents business, write and record at least one song, record one complete cover, and make at least 5 YouTube videos in the coming months.
I’m sure more things will be added to it, but I need to keep myself busy and creative so I can stay sharp. So I just have to trust that God will guide me through this time, make good decisions, and learn to trust him more each day through it!
My advice for those in the same position as me, first. Pray, “cast your cares upon him because he cares for you”. Let him know whats going on and ask for wisdom. Secondly, look around. God doesn’t get our food out of our refrigerators and puts it on our plates for us. (though He is the one who blessed you with it!) Likewise if you don’t search out what you want in life, then you’ll never get anywhere. So look at what God’s put in front of you. Thirdly, Trust. Trust Him with your decisions, make wise biblical decisions, and trust that He’ll work it together for good despite whether you like the outcome. He has our best in mind, so don’t be downcast with the pressure of the world and all its challenges. But, “Take heart, for I (Christ) have overcome the world”.

Don’t be discouraged. See it as a new journey God will take you on to stretch you and teach you new things and grow you closer to Him!
Thanks for reading!

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