2014 Update!

So thanks to all you 20+ followers who’ve taken the time to read a few posts that i’ve written, it really does mean a lot knowing people like what I’m writing and, at the least, can appreciate it.
I really hope in 2014 I can start being more creative, write more, add more pictures, tell more people’s stories, and just share the truth about Christ in a creative way. I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming year of my life, it’s full of a lot of cool things! I’m going to be traveling to do carpentry with my grandfather for a month (hopefully I’ll save enough for a car!), then hopefully this summer work at River Of Life (Summer Camp) and write about all my experiences and new things i’ve learned, and maybe some tough lessons through it all! IMG_3783[1]
Also, (Yesterday) I got my license! It’s crazy how i can remember being 10 and thinking about being an adult. And now I’m finally here, ready to drive! Crazy…

Anyways, stay tuned for more posts, I’m thinking of some new ideas, but if anyone has questions make sure to send me an email, if it’s a question about what I believe about something, maybe I’ll post about it!

Be praying for me in this new year, I hope it’s a great one for you!
Thanks for reading!

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