Thoughts On True And False Worship

So I enjoy reading. Though I’m not your typical read-for-hours- and-hours type of guy, I do enjoy a good book.

Recently I received free from Grace To You (John MacArthur’s Ministry) his brand new book called “Strange Fire”. I’ve recently heard many sermons from its respective conference, and I’ve enjoyed them immensely! 1484189_582050838515932_1505076904_n
Though I know much of the content of the book may make people a little wary, with the candid Biblical view on things, but it nonetheless it shows to be a well-written, well-informed, well taught book! I’m enjoying reading it.

The basic gist of it (though it’s very in-depth) in a nutshell is, as the cover says: “The danger of offending the spirit with counterfeit worship”.

Recently that’s been on my heart. God says in Exodus 20:7 to not take His name in vain. He makes it very clear. And that’s really been on my heart.

Have I been saying/doing/living in a way that I say God’s fine with, but he actually isn’t? Am I ascribing to Him glory for something He doesn’t approve of?

These are just a few questions that I think about. Because if God’s biblically not OK with something, and I say he is, then I’m being blasphemous. We see what happened to Nadab and Abihu for doing the same in Leviticus 10. God takes this seriously.

We also see in John 2:13-17 where Jesus cleanses the temple from the people who blasphemously made God’s house a “Den of Thieves”. Now that’s very strong language used by our Lord, but nonetheless He knew that those people were defiling the temple with their greedy, self-indulgent view of worship, and we notice He didn’t passively stand around and say, “well… maybe you should leave.. it’s up to you.. if you feel like you should stay maybe it’ll be OK.. I know it’s against God, but I’m sure he really doesn’t care.. after all, it isn’t hurting anyone, right?”.
Nope, Jesus did something very drastic about it. It goes to show how much God cares about His name and His glory. He’s the best thing out there, so He deserves our submission to what He says for His glory and our good.

And as i’ve said, we find those answers in the Bible.
I’ve been slowly finding my answers to my questions regarding the Holy Spirit and what real worship is, and it’s been encouraging knowing that in many ways, Gods grown me in this area, and it’s encouraging too that when i inevitably fail in meeting his standards, He stands with open arms giving me another chance through Jesus Christs atonement on the Cross for me. And through it all he’s slowly changing my heart to be more like Christ. So thankful for that!

Thanks for reading!

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