How Can We Overcome Heart Issues?

So I was working downstairs this morning for about an hour (for my families business) and a thought had struck me as I was listening to Grace To You (John MacArthur’s sermon podcast). The sermon was called “The Sufficiency of Scripture“.
I can’t recommend it enough! He covers so many biblical reasons for the Bible being all we need for “life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3).

ImageAnd so a thought passed through my head.

I have a very hard time not looking to myself for answers. Sure, a lot of the time I have a verse ready to remedy a situation, but so many times I use a verse as a quick “self help” and not a heart-changing truth. The sermon this morning opened my eyes even more to how sufficient Scripture really is.
I understand how easy it is to trust yourself and your gut for the answer, but I’m ever so quickly realizing that my own impulses don’t hold heart-changing answers to my problems.
My thoughts may make a quick-fix and solve something for awhile, but the heart issue is still highly unresolved.

One of my highlighted verses this past summer as I worked at River of Life (a local christian summer camp) was from Jeremiah 17:9, 

“The heart is deceitful above all things,
and desperately sick;
who can understand it?”

Seems like a weird summer camp verse right? Not very lighthearted and encouraging? Well, I’d been struggling with some specific heart issues, and this verse constantly reminded me not to trust myself, because I’m by default an extremely self-relying, and not a God-relying person. I don’t like the selfish, independent streak in me, but i recognize it is there, and i knew something must be done about it.

So my real question as i was doing ministry those months was “how can i remedy this?”. And that question still holds true to me today as i still struggle, as we all do, with things of the heart.

So I did the right thing. I found a verse that was direct and concise, and applied it to my situation. The big idea being, “Don’t trust you, trust me”. And it really remedied my heart and began to change it.

How you may ask? The Word of God. The only thing that speaks to the heart and changes from the inside out, not the shallow outside advice I’m always tempted to read and apply. (Although i’m not saying don’t accept godly advice, just as long as the biblical principle is there).

So I’m a living example of the power of change that the Holy Spirit can bring through His word. I can say with certainty that Iv’e tried to think differently, to “be” different, to want differently, but it was all outward.
Once we begin to seek Christ at His Word can we begin to see a heart change. Only then can our desires become His desires, our wants His wants, and all of this through Christ and His saving work on The Cross. I’m living proof of this!

2nd Corinthians 5:17 says:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

A new creation. Brand new. The old gone, the new has come.

In Christ we’re made new. A clean slate, a washed heart, a clear conscience. All through The Cross. The payment for our sins.
Check out John 19-20. Our savior lives! How encouraging is that?!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate every view, every like, and every follower immensely! Thanks so much.

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