Theology Thursday #8 – Liberalism and Sola Scriptura

So yesterday I opened my local paper to the Worship Schedule dates and times for local Church’s in the area. The invitations ranged from charismatic to catholic to “christian” science (The latter still makes no sense. It’s neither Christian, nor science).

But something struck me, if i were an atheist, agnostic, or whoever, I would throw all of these in the same drawer. I’d call them all “Christians” without knowing what they use as a plumb line to discern truth!
I’m not saying you have to put the Gospel in your church schedule (that’s not what it’s for, after all), but all the differences i noticed were from people who claim to be going back to the same authority. (which probably makes some people wonder..)
Doesn’t exactly make sense to me.
If some disagree on some core doctrines, that doesn’t seem to indicate the same authority.
It’s just that liberalism really bothers me.
And, as a disclaimer, i know we can disagree on some things and still “live peacefully with all men if you can” (Rom.12:18-21),
But if the separation between some is so great, we should really be making clear what our authority is.

So that brings us back to an authority, or, in this case, the authority.

As the title says, we’ll be talking Theology again. One of my passions.
The title “Sola Scriptura” is a Latin term, meaning:

“Scripture Alone.”

So today we’ll be studying the Doctrine of Scripture.
It’s complete inerrancy, and sufficiency.

First, the definition of “Inerrancy” according to Google is,

“Incapable of being wrong.”

That has some serious implications. The Bible supports this claim due to God being truthful, the very essence of truth, which means that His Word must also be true for the two to work in harmony. (John 14:6, Psalm 119:160, Numbers 23:19)
An analogy that is often used is that if you are being truthful, then what you say is true. So if God is incapable of evil (including lying) then every word must be true. (Rom 3:4, 2nd Tim 3:16)

Another huge implication is that if God is truth, than every prophecy must come to pass the way He said. So, if one prophecy got it wrong, then we’d scrap the whole Bible. Because God is truth, and if He lies to us, then He isn’t who He says He is.
The big shocker to many is that God has kept His word, and for the unfulfilled prophesies telling of things farther down the road, we know he will be faithful to His word because He has been faithful in the past. (Psalm 33:4, 1st Cor 1:9)

So i guess i’ll stop there and let you ponder these things. Though this is a Doctrine many know and cherish, It’s always good to take a recap and reaffirm our foundation which is based on The Truth in Christ, which is The Bible.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for about a dozen followers! It really means a lot knowing anyone would care to read what I have to say, I hope at least one person would be encouraged! Make sure to follow, and let me know if you liked it!

For more info on the Bible, click here: AIG – How Do We Know The Bible Is True? AIG is an awesome resource i highly suggest, check it out!

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