The Joy of Serving With The Church

So yesterday about a dozen people from my Church and I went to help a family who was a lot less fortunate than us. They had a very tragic death of two children, while the husband lost use of one of his arms in the accident that lost one of the sons.. So tragic and heartbreaking.
So for years they’ve been trying to work things out, what with trauma and the like. But things stack up and they’re two new kids create more work (not in a bad way of course!) so things begin to stack up.

So our pastor got a group of people from the church together to help the family. (of course letting them know before-hand)
And it was really good for me to help. Makes me realize just how selfish I can be. (not to mention ungrateful!)
And this isn’t even the kind of family that lazily got themselves into this, they’re trying.

So we spent all day pulling rugs, doing bags upon bags of laundry, building some new steps, (having a carpenter as your pastor has its perks!) and lots of misc. little things. But the biggest thing was just helping. Helping them get back on their feet to deal with the stress of life and move on. And for  me personally it was very good for me, because I have it pretty easy! (as I’m sure a lot of us do!) and realizing that I’m NOT the center of the universe is so good for not only me, but everyone around me. It pleases Christ for us to serve out of the love that He’s already given us, because, if it’s not from that, then we make it about ourselves. And not making it for us, paradoxically makes us have more joy! Interesting how that works…

Anyways, those are some thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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