Thoughts About Wisdom And Media

Do you ever feel weird after watching these modern TV shows? As a christian, I’m called to purity. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well (2nd Tim. 2:22), and sometimes something I’ll watch seems perfectly harmless at the start, but then it seems to almost push certain ideals after it’s got you hooked. Maybe it’s just me, but TV shows seem to just get worse through the years (or maybe I’m overstating, you decide!). And it made us feel just a little uneasy. Not your typical Little House on the Prairie awesomeness anymore. (Yes i love that show, it’s arguably one of the best in my opinion.)

So my girlfriend, her family and I were watching a TV show that was normally fairly clean, not much cussing, barely anything sexual, (and if there was, we’d fast-forward) and the show usually showed some decency in some characters. [And, just as a disclaimer, I don’t think it’s sinful to watch it. I’m just wrestling through some thoughts on purity, and where to draw the line.]

Now, I’m not trying to say don’t watch any TV shows because they’re filled with tiny hints of horribleness (though there are some that are very questionable). But, to rather be wise. (Prov. 8:11)
Mostly what we noticed when watching this particular show was a very strong push for things like sex, crude talk, and the like, and pushing to make it look very natural and good to sin (And not showing real-life consequences of certain things).

I know that the show doesn’t advocate anything “holy” in its description, It’s just supposed to be funny and hope that people will watch it, there’s nothing wrong with that in of itself at all. People need jobs, and if they want to make television shows, have at it! I’m just coming at it from a biblical perspective, and to share my thoughts.

One thing I know is there’s nothing wrong with watching a “non-christian” TV-show. After all, if we had to do everything “christian” we’d have to make sure our burger was made at a christian-owned business cooked by a christian-employee, prayed over before shipping, and shipped by a christian, and so much more religious craziness! (I know that’s extreme, but it seems like a logical conclusion) And of course, burgers don’t believe in anything. So you’d be eating an atheist burger. uh-oh.

Anyways, what I’m NOT saying is that we’re called to be lazy and worry about nothing and use little discretion. I’m just saying that in “whatever we do” we do it all for the Glory of God. (1st Cor. 10:31)
I know this is always a personal discretion issue. My own boundaries for certain things is I will never watch a rated “R” movie unless it has absolutely no sexual or sensual content (which is very rare, I know).

The big question to ask is: “how is this affecting me?”

I always want to be on guard for sinful tendencies in my mind and heart which could have been planted from watching something not-so-good, so I am always prayerfully watching my heart and where its tendencies go (And of course I’m still growing!).
But my biggest worry is becoming callous to sin. I don’t want to feel conviction on something then lose that conviction (unless that conviction is anti-biblical) only to become inoculated enough to not notice what certain words and images are doing to my heart. I know that I, and everyone who’s in Christ along with me, is called to “Guard our hearts” (Prov 4:23).

But, like everyone, I need to depend on Christ and whatever He tells me in the Bible for wisdom regarding these issues. It’s a matter of the heart, and I always want to be filling myself with “all that is good” (Phil. 4:8) as I go through life. And I know that letting Christ live through me will enable me, by the Spirit, to live for Him in every area.

Thanks for reading!

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