Theology Thursday #4 – A Long Awaited Decendent

“concerning his Son, who was descended from David according to the flesh”

-Romans 1:3

For a quick recap into the context of the previous verse, follow this link:
Now there are some interesting things here that we see in this weeks verse, namely, Who the verse concerns, and a certain lineage from a certain man.

The first question raised from this verse would be, “Who’s Son?” the verse implies a certain someone’s son, so who is this said figure? Looking back in verse one we see how Paul, the writer, is clearly referring to God.

The second inquiry would be, “What’s the purpose in mentioning David?” now, for some who don’t know who David was, He was one of the kings of the Old Testament. Ruling over Israel from around [insert B.C. King ruler dates here] and most of His endeavors are found in the book of 2nd Samuel. Give it a read, it’s pretty interesting.
But the sole purpose in discussing Jesus’ lineage is not for show, or any sort of pride in the name, (because, if you take a look at David’s life, not so pretty) but for a lineage prophesied very clearly in the Old Testament pointing to The Messiah from the blood of David.

As we look more indepth at a few connections in the Old Testament concerning the lineage of David to Christ, keep in mind how spread apart these prophesies are, meaning that Jesus came long after these statements concerning the future were made. Which is kinda mind blowing when you really think of the time-span between them, how dead-on they were. But, when you have the soveriegn ruler of everything giving the word, then it will happen.

Thanks for reading and i’m very sorry for not being able to post this on thursday!

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