5 Things I Love About Youth Group

    So as is the case with many christian teens, I attend youth group regularly at a nearby Church where, every Friday night, we have a two-hour period of time where we eat, fellowship, play games, hear a message, and socialize.
Youth Group has been a huge way God has gotten a hold of me, he’s used one of the past youth leaders to grow me to love Jesus and His Word so much more than I did, and to let that overflow in my life to others, and for that, I’m eternally thankful.

There’s a lot I love about Youth Group, and, if you’re young like me, and want to be around people who love and encourage you, find a bible-believing church and get into one!
So I know five things doesn’t really do it much justice, but these are some major things about Youth Group that have helped and influenced me the most:

~The Environment~

Now, I know this seems like a weird thing to put first, but seriously, the godly environment of awesome people really helped me when i was younger and first started going. I realized people didn’t have to go out and do stupid things to have fun, and they even seemed to enjoy themselves more than any of my non-christian friends ever had!

~The Teaching~

The teaching at my youth group really laid the foundation for who God is and why, and why we can trust him. It was always encouraging knowing that Jesus free’s us from our sin and gives us direction in life as a loving father who loves his kids! We always had a great arsenal of youth pastors, one in particular was (and still is) the biggest spiritual influence in my life! (His blog here: http://newfields.wordpress.com/)


Kinda similar to the first one, but still, friends are awesome. They’re there for you when you need them, always ready to pray for you and give you godly advice, and almost all of my friends i’ve had long-standing relationships with, is because of youth group. One of my best friends and i got closer through youth group and are still in contact with each other even though he’s off to college! And my girl-friends (not “girlfriends“) I still talk to and encourage because of that solid foundation of biblical friendship, without any “lovey” awkwardness that seems to so easily tear friendships apart.

~The Games~

Youth group games. They’re the best. A good old-fashioned game of “Kick the Can” is always a memorable night when you sneak up from the bushes to ambush the person who’s “it” and get the can out of reach. And of course can’t forget Ultimate. Always a blast with some really talented people who really sacrifice their bodies for the game. (Myself included!) And of course the indoor games of bible trivia, murder in the dark, and many others. I’m sure Jesus smiles every time He hears us laughing until our throats hurt!


Always, in our small groups, when the leader does a quick survey of how youth group went (to try to improve on it in the future) we always give snacks a five out of five because.. well, you know, we love food! Gotta love all the food people bring after a great night of awesome fellowship, always laughing at the guy who always spills a little of his drink on the floor from laughing too hard (me!) and everyone always laughs and says what a horrible person I am, all in jest, of course!

So I’m not exactly sure where you are in life, but seriously. Community is a must! As the Bible clearly commands, and as I’ve noted before, hang out with awesome godly people! You’ll be blessed and they’ll be blessed.

Thanks for reading and make sure to follow to read more in the future!

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