Decision Making, And Adding Another Year

So, as for the odd title, this post will have two different thoughts too it. Now, “Adding Another Year” may be an odd thing to talk about, and it kinda is once you hear my logic. (But hey, you’re reading this out of your own free-will, so sue me.)

I recently asked myself “how much would I be willing to pay for one extra year of my life added on to the end?” Now, odd question, I know, because I don’t really care about when I’m going to die, seems like a morbid thought, but honestly, Jesus knows the day, so I don’t worry too much. But, just for the sake of it, put a price on it. One more year to love family, serve Jesus, and anything you wanted.

Now, on a side-note, (but still related-note) I spend quite a bit of money on drinks. Like most guys my age i like Coke, 1375818_556996467688036_1017115671_nDr. Pepper (<– Personal fave), Mtn. Dew, and ANY Arizona. (I find Monster nasty, but that’s just my personal preference)
Now, as a disclaimer, I usually have a few or more a week.

So one day I was shopping in my local general store, and I noticed a different type of iced tea, more healthy, but also more expensive. So I decided that I would do a little calculating and figure out how much more I’d spend in a week if, say, I buy five one-dollar drinks normally. So I add seventy-nine cents to each drink, and I get a grand total of $8.95 in drinks a week. 1374272_556985441022472_152417010_n
Now, I’m no health-freak, or anything of the sort, but I do like to be filling myself with good things if I can. The body is a “temple” after all. (1st Cor 6:19)

So. With that information, I will tie both of my ideas together. Let’s say I have a good sixty years left in me. Could be shorter, could be longer. And let’s say I keep my habit of buying drinks, but instead buy the healthier ones.
The difference for the additional money I would pay for the healthy drinks would come to a grand total of $12,324. Now that’s quite a bit considering that’s just the difference between the healthy and un-healthy.

Remember what I said about the value of an extra year? Now, riddle me this: Could (and I stress could) that extra year realistically be caused by that extra money you spent to drink healthily in the end? So, in essence you spent $12,324 for an extra year. Hmm…

I thought it was an interesting thought as I make decisions in the now. Not just food and drink choices, but every decision I make can (and will) have long-term effects on me and others.
If you look back in the book of Genesis, you can find tons of cases of people making poor decisions and then having long-term negative effects on their families and other people’s lives.
So i encourage you along with myself to see clearly in the here-and-now, thinking of how each decision will effect you and even your future spouse and family someday.
It’s a sobering thought that actions have consequences, but that’s how God designed it, He’s a God of order, (1st Cor. 14:40) and when we go out of it, bad things happen.

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