Thoughts of music

So from the title you most likely know what this next post will be about right? Yep, music. I LOVE music. As i wrote in my last post, i haven’t a clue what i want to do with my life, but i do know i love music, especially rocking out to some rock and metal! But i’m sure it will somehow “play” into my future. (get it? ha.. ha..)

Anyways, i love searching for new artists, finding great new albums, and just listening for the pure joy of it. Recently i found an artist named, “Derek Webb” and, after listening to his album, “She Must and Shall Go Free” was filled with hope for the christian music industry, combining folksy-rock (Almost like Johnny Cash meets Relient K in my opinion?) with honest, solid lyrics to create a great album definitely worth the listen.

See, that’s me. Some people will listen through an album and thoroughly enjoy it, nothing wrong with that at all. But me, I Listen to the album. I Listen for good music sound-wise. And I Listen for solid, well-crafted lyrics. And if it fits what i like, then i’ll keep on listening!

You could call me a bit of a music critic. But sue me, i love music that’s honest, well crafted, and music and lyrics that fit together in perfect harmony. And, honestly, i haven’t come by many bands that can do it super well. But hey, it really is all opinion right?

And, as the late-great musician David said:
“Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts.”
(Psalm 33:3)

Whatever “skillfully” means for certain avid music listeners/players, from a nice guitar solo, to a passionate rock ballad, to even an intense throaty death-metal moment, keep on playing skillfully singing to Jesus a new song!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of music

  1. Music is good. I make music. I like disco grooves and funk…things like that. Making music to me is like making a film, a story, a completely new world that I can just zone out. Instead of me talking, writing and typing I let the music say it for me because I don’t know maybe its just me but music can communicate some things that cannot be expressed any other way,

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